PLant hire

Our construction machines will get the job done

Plant hire is an important part of any construction project. These vehicles are too costly to buy, which is why Full House provides plant hire solutions for all South African-based companies. Our machines include TLBs, trucks, and rollers – but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in contact and we’ll see how we can assist.


Tractor Loader Backhoes, colloquially known simply as backhoes or digger loaders, do all the heavy lifting in excavations. These powerful tractors are used for various broad applications, from general construction to landscaping, demolitions and paving.


We have a variety of TLBs ranging in power and operating weights, making them adaptable to any project. Whether you’re digging the foundations of your construction project or levelling your building site, contact us for a convenient and affordable TLB hire.

TLB truck



There is no shortage of construction trucks on the market, but they come at hefty purchasing price. Especially for single, once-off building projects. If you need a dump, tipper, mixer or long-haul truck, we’ve got you covered.


Our equipment is well-serviced and high performance, so you can rest assured that Full House trucks will get to work as soon as you do. Our order process is simple to do, but if you’re unsure of which truck you need we can run through your project and help you find the best solution.


Construction rollers are dynamic tools used to compact materials such as soil, stone layers, gravel, sand, or paving. These machines use impact loading and vibration, and are one of the most efficient tools for a variety of construction projects.


The Full House Group provides rollers of different sizes and capacities available for hire. Looking for a vibratory roller, or a sheep foot? Get in touch with us, and we’ll provide you with the right equipment for your venture.

construction roller
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