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The Full House Group is a property partnership in South Africa. We cover all services in and around property developments, including equipment plant hire, building supplies, building renovations and construction. Everything under one roof. Full House was started in 2017, but our experience goes back over 20 years. Our trusted team will work with you to create the perfect project, from start to finish.

At Full House, we have a range of TLBs in various operating weights and power capacities. Safety-checked for perfect peace of mind. 

Looking for a high-performance dump, tipper, mixer or long-haul truck? We’ve got you covered.

Full House has sheep foot and vibratory rollers available for hire, for convenient use in big or small construction projects.

Our construction services take you through planning and construction to final review, ensuring high-quality work each step of the way.

We take every precaution to ensure that all health and safety guidelines are met. With a focus on sustainable construction to contribute to a brighter future for South Africa

Beyond builders – Full House covers the finer details, including materials testing and certification, quality control, and product conformity assessment.







Every construction project requires excellent management to ensure that safety, budget, and technical specs are considered in every part of the development process.

Our team can assist in all four stages of development – project initiation, pre-construction, construction, and completion.

Our key services include risk assessment and management, cost management, project communication, and technical staffing services.

Lightweight, strong, and affordable, aluminium is one of the best construction materials. The Full House team has many years of experience working with aluminium throughout the building process.

Wood flooring is attractive, resilient, and a brilliant insulator. Get in touch for the best wood flooring solution for your property.

Shutters control light and ventilation, privacy, and even security. Consult our team to find the perfect shutters for your particular project.

The Full House Group has partnered with experts across South Africa to connect you with the best interior designers and decor solutions.

We have some really exciting current and future projects, and a wealth of past projects under our belt. Contact our team to find out more, or have a look at our projects page.


Current and Upcoming Projects
Full House provides clients and investors with our latest mandated developments in the most desirable areas.

Current Projects

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Completed Projects

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Future Projects

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